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Shared WebHosting Plans

No Broken Promises, No Surprises

At Pixelgate, we don't offer "unlimited" plans like other major hosts. Why? Because truly unlimited hosting plans are impossible to provide--there are always underlying limits imposed by the host, the physical server or network. Today, many hosts provide seemingly cheap and limitless plans, only to impose unmentioned network connection limits, over-utilization clauses, file usage restrictions or conditions that trigger hidden upgrades on their customers once they have signed a long-term contract.

Instead, Pixelgate offers a true "what you see is what you get" hosting plan. No fine-print restrictions, no hidden fees, and no long-term contracts, guaranteed. Do you want to store your desktop files in your webspace for offsite backup?, go ahead. If you go over your allocated resources, we will warn you ahead of time and don't simply turn off your account automatically unless its an emergency. Then you can choose to cut back your usage or upgrade the account package.

Our Plesk Panel allow you to install hundreds of the most popular applications such as Wordpress or Drupal. Use your panel to make offsite backups, and clone your site to subdomains such as "staging" so you can work on new features without taking down your live site.

Do you have multiple domain names that all point to the same site. Use the Alias function with the Search Engine safe 301 redirects so that no matter what domain your reader uses, they end up at the right site.


  Economy Standard Business Enterprise
Monthly Cost
No Contract!
$6.95 $9.95 $18.95 $39.95
Pre-Pay for the entire year for increased savings ! $69.50/yr ($5.79/mo) $99.50/yr ($8.29/mo)
$189/yr ($15.75/mo) $399/yr ($33.25/mo)
Set Up Fee (note 1) $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Disk Space 250 GB 500 GB 1.0 TB 3.0 TB
Monthly Data Transfer 250 GB 1.0 TB 2.5 TB 5.0 TB
DNS Management (note 2)
Free SSL Cert installed
(note 3)
Activity Report & Log Files
CGI/FastCGI - PHP/Perl/Python
Plesk Onyx Included Included Included Included
MySQL Databases 1 5 10 25
One Click Install of popular Apps such as WordPress
Inline Varnish Web Page Acceleration and Filter protection - $2.95/month
Unlimited Domain Aliases
Unlimited Sub-domain (*.yourdomain.tld) Websites (Note 4) -
Additional Unique Domains on Account (note 4) - (5) (10) (25)

Optional Email Service Add-ons for each Plan

Contact us directly to upgrade if you are already established with a plan.
Monthly Email AddOn Pkg Cost (total) $1/mo
Email Boxes w/ Unlimited Aliases
for this Pkg(note 5)
5 12 25 50
Mailbox Size 12 GB 25 GB 50 GB 100 GB
Webmail Client Support
IMAP and POP3 client support Online and Email Support only
MailSift Spam Protection Free! Free! Free! Free!
Offsite SMTP Forwarding (Note 7) -
Monthly Cost For Combined Email & Web Hosting $7.95 $12.95 $24.95 $49.95
Pre-Pay for the entire year for increased savings ! $79.50/yr $129.50/yr $249.50/yr $499.50/yr


Note 1: Setup Fee waived for referrals from existing Pixelgate customers or transfers from other hosts.
Note 2: You can control your own DNS changes within your Panel or you can simply contact us and we handle your zone file requests.
Note 3: Free Cert Offer uses LetsEncrypt DV cert. If you require a commercial cert (DV or EV) there may be a cost for the purchase and installation.
Note 4: Additional Domains (full,sub or alias) are included in the resource limits for that package.
Note 5: Your Email Storage is included in the Disk Space usage.
Note 6: Client IMAP/POP is available and enabled on all plans, but only supported via telephone/chat on Standard and above.
Note 7: Email that is recieved here and then forwarded back out of any PixelGate Facility MUST be filtered either by Mailsift or a third party service such as FuseMail. This is to keep the shared server from being blocked by 3rd parties when a forwarding instruction causes Spam/Virii to appear to come from our servers. Forwarding within Pixelgate, such as domain to domain or even server to server are exempted (though it is still recomended).


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