To Check your Email please try

http://webmail."YOUR DOMAIN"
example: if your domain was

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With abundant storage, easy setup and mobile device access, Pixelgate has several Email Hosting solutions for your custom domain to fit everyone's needs!

MailBox Hosting
Mailbox Package
  • 40 GB Storage
  • Webmail/POP3/IMAP Support
  • Email Forwarding
  • One Mailbox
  • Unlimited Addresses(Aliases)
  • Alias Domains
  • Spam Filtering
or $5/month option if existing PixelGate customer
Each additional Mailbox within same domain or alias domain is just $20.00/year or $2/month.



Business Email on your own Mail Server
  • 25 GB to Multiple Terabytes of storage available
  • Dedicated IP. You don't have to worry about other customers getting your email blacklisted
  • Allows domain specific DNS email settings such as SPF/DMarc set to your domain for maximum deliverability
  • Webmail/POP3/IMAP Support
  • Email Forwarding
  • Unlimited Mailboxes, only limited by the resources you pay for
  • Unlimited Aliases
  • Spam Filtering via Mailsift or other plugins you can install
Starts at $20/month
Contact us for a quote on a Dedicated Mailserver scaled for your organization's needs


All Email services are provided with an understanding that the customer will abide by our Acceptable Use Policy. Among other restrictions, that means no spamming, or harrasment of others.

Using the Internet can leave your personal computer or your company open to serious breaches of security without proper provisions. Information can be altered, identities forged, private data stolen and sensitive messages impeded.

Thankfully, Pixelgate has MailSift. Using proprietary software and advanced filtering servers, MailSift effectively blocks up to 99% of spam, junk, and virus emails--all while sending the good email on to you. Fast, reliable, and easy to set up, MailSift is a must for anyone concerned about email security.

How it works: A highly secure service architecture processes emails heading for a company's email server in real-time. Legitimate messages, spam and viruses are filtered within seconds. Valid emailis instantly passed on to the destination mail server. Email addresses may be approved which will allow senders to bypass the junk email filters if you so desire. Blocked addresses will keep messages from reaching your inbox no matter what the content. You are the judge.

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